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What to do while you’re looking for your new marketing director (or other open marketing positions).

Lately we’ve noticed a steady rise in organizations looking to interview and onboard marketing directors and other senior marketing positions. For some, they’re filling a recent vacancy. For others, it’s about growth and expansion. Regardless, in our tight job market finding the right candidate and fit can be challenging. See our recent post “Looking to fill a Marketing vacancy? You’re not alone.”)

While I wish you all the best finding the ideal person to fill the job, that may take some time.

And as much as we might wish it, the world won’t stand still in the meantime. There are marketing materials to be created, campaigns to be implemented and analyzed, competitive threats to address, sales goals to be met, etc.

So while you continue searching to fill your open marketing positions, I’d like to suggest a possible interim solution: work with a marketing partner in the meantime. That way, you can:

  • keep your marketing initiatives on track
  • generate leads to keep your sales pipeline full
  • continue to move the business forward
  • address the immediate needs that always seem to arise when you’re short-handed.

At indigoOne, we’ve got quite a bit of experience working in concert with and supporting our clients in meeting their marketing needs, while they continue looking to fill their open marketing positions.

We bring a rich suite of proven skills to the marketing function, and can take up the slack without missing a beat. We’re incredibly easy to work with. And you can plug and unplug us as needed.

In short, we may be just what you need to keep your marketing on track while you continue (or even delay) your search.

If you’d like to know more about how we could do just that, we’d love to meet you and have an open, frank discussion.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring, please reach out to us at 612-349-2711. Because you can’t afford to be off your customers’ radar.