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Who’s working on your account?

You’d be surprised. 

In a typical Ad agency, at any given time, at best only 10 people are working on your account. These 10 include traffic, account, creative and production staff. The creative team is charged with generating the work that will represent your brand to your customers. They’re the ones responsible for concepting, writing and art directing the deliverables to support your objectives and key messaging. Yet they tend to be the most removed—often missing out on client contact altogether.

It’s easy to see how problems can arise when the creatives get their marching orders second hand. Follow-up questions are filtered through the agency account team, or possibly never asked at all. This impacts turnaround time and challenges the agency’s ability to provide a creative product that meets your objectives and resonates with your customers.

It’s not uncommon for Ad agencies to reassign your account over time, based on the specific project and staff availability. The “A” team that presented the cool creative last month may not touch your account this month or ever again. (They’re probably buried in a pitch to land a bigger, shinier client.) So you’re handed the junior team, simply because they’re available. Or possibly the work your Ad agency presented last time was developed and created by a freelance team. The point is, most agencies shuffle their teams to meet their needs, not yours.

As a results-driven creative agency that’s free of the layers and bureaucracy common to larger agencies, we work differently. You’ll meet with the creative team at the beginning of the project and throughout the process. We’ll ask questions up front and listen carefully to make sure we understand your market, business objectives and other needs. The outcome of our collaborative approach is an informed and inspired creative product. And when the project is complete, we’re all invested in how the work performs. Most importantly, the same creative team working on your account will be available tomorrow—already up to speed on your brand, your market and your business.

If you’re seeing inconsistent work from your agency, or you’re tired of dealing with a steady rotation of account execs and project managers, it might be worth looking at an agency that really partners with its clients—and puts your needs ahead of its own.

Drop us an email or give us a call. There’s nothing wrong with exploring your options.