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Grow sales with brand-based marketing

Your prospect is sold on your product. But do your marketing materials help you extend the relationship—or are you missing the boat?

It’s not an uncommon problem. As companies promote individual products, they can lose sight of the big picture. There’s a temptation to create identities and messaging in a vacuum, giving the impression that the products are orphans rather than members of a family.

When there’s nothing that ties your products and services together, there’s no reason for your customers to see a connection and expand their relationship with you. You’re literally selling yourself short.

There is a time and a place in the sales cycle for razor focus on a specific product’s capabilities. But before you get into the weeds, help prospects see that there’s more in it for them.

Take a step back and evaluate your product marketing efforts. Have you applied common brand elements across your collateral, web sites and campaigns? Are your messages consistent and in keeping with your brand? Is the tone in sync? Are individual web sites linked and connected through shared architecture? These are just some of the ways you can leverage your brand value proposition to grow sales.

Effective brand-based marketing is both visually complementary and communicates shared key messages with a common voice across multiple products and tactical channels. These efforts help your sales team cross-sell products (rather than be seen by your customers and prospects as a one-product company), or at the very least start the conversation with your prospects and customers about the full breadth of offerings you have—for stronger relationships, more sales, and a healthier bottom line.