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Half of all B2B brands are getting more.

When it comes to streamlining marketing and sales, marketers tend to fall into two camps; Those who are currently using marketing automation to help them in their job, and those who aren’t. Amongst B2B marketers, that split is almost 50/50.

For B2B brands, Marketing Automation platforms are powerful technology.

Beyond the ability to automate and send email, these platforms can help you track the performance of all of your campaigns and show you each touch-point a prospect has had with your brand. The built-in lead-scoring helps identify who Sales should be engaging with and when. And they’re essential when it comes to your ABM efforts. But the best part is this:

  • According to recent studies, marketing automation on average drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.
  • 80% of users saw an increase in the number of (qualified) leads and 77% had an increase in conversions.

So what’s preventing half of all B2B brands from implementing this tech?

It seems to come down to these two issues:

  • As with most SaaS technology platforms, they require annual contracts and payment for the year—up front. This is obviously a barrier for many brands, especially at this time.
  • For others, persuading leadership that this technology adds value—helping accelerate marketing activity and contributing to sales—can be a challenge.

We can help.

We’re a creative agency that’s channel neutral with a belief that a great concept should work across all channels; be it a brand ad, direct mail, content, or digital communication.

We also may be a little different from your current agency. We really do put you first. And that’s why I’m reaching out to you now. While we believe each of your marketing campaigns should meet the objectives and deliver an ROI, so should your tech.

We don’t make software, but we can tell you who we like and why.

Your marketing budget is an investment in your companies growth. As such, it should go toward customer-facing marketing that drives leads and sales, not redirected and tied up in software that’s often underused, or that takes months to implement.

If you’ve got 20 minutes let’s have a conversation—no strings attached. You might find we can help save you thousands—money you can better spend on additional marketing efforts—while also avoiding the annual contract.

To learn more about how Inbound and Content Marketing differ, check out our post; Inbound Marketing. Explained.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

To learn more, send us an email or call us at +1 612 349 2711 and find out how we can help you get better pricing on a marketing automation platform that works for you.


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