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Our capabilities are broad and deep. We can start at the ground level— refreshing your brand identity and tagline to help articulate your voice. Or we can jump in to support your established brand with new collateral, awareness- and lead-generating ads or integrated campaigns, impactful trade show materials—whatever’s on your plate. Acquisitions? No problem. We have refreshed existing marketing materials to reflect the new brand and developed new collateral and content to reflect the expanded capabilities of global companies. Learn more about what we do:

  • Strategy and planning
    Part of the indigoOne process is to understand how you go to market and help determine where marketing communications can support and supplement your objectives. We’re experts at identifying gaps and creating plans to fill them with strategies that may be as simple as a direct mail lead generation project, or as broad as brand development, message matrices, a media plan and materials to support them all.
  • Research and data analysis
    Whether gathered through research or the normal course of business, data has the power to reveal opportunities for differentiation. We leverage what you’ve already collected or help you create a line of inquiry or data capture to extract useful insights and refine your marketing efforts. Need to know if there’s a viable market before investing in and developing a new product? Have a pile of data you need analyzing for segmentation or opportunities? We can help.
  • Brand monitoring
    The Internet gives marketers extraordinary listening tools. It’s huge to know where the conversations that matter take place—and invaluable to learn what your customers really think and say about you and your product. We apply these insights to craft messages that resonate with customers and put you on top. Another powerful form of brand monitoring is to pay attention to what your competitor’s customers think. Here you can gain the edge, pouncing on voiced dissatisfaction to counter with your value proposition and drive incremental sales and competitive takeaway.
  • Creative
    Our creative aim is connection with your customers—whether by piquing interest, overcoming objections, satisfying needs, building rapport or any number of strategies—to serve your ultimate goals for awareness, conversion, growth and more. Your marketing campaigns should work across any media and all delivery channels – from video to advertising, direct mail to online and social… because you never know where or when you’ll connect with your new customers. Creating work that wins awards is a bonus, but never our focus.
  • Interactive and social media
    We help you fit new media into the context of your overall marketing landscape. From where ‘social’ fits within the overall mix, to useful video content that’s engaging and sharable. We’ll help you invest your time and resources, so that you reach your customers where they are and your efforts pay off.
  • Inbound and Content marketing

    According to SiriusDecisions, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer reaches out to your sales team. That’s where Inbound marketing comes into its own. With a comprehensive but right-sized marketing automation/CRM platform you can see every interaction each lead has had with your brand and content – we call it the life of the leadand with integrated lead-scoring your sales team will know who to focus their efforts on—at the right time.

    Content marketing puts your business in the expert seat when your prospects are doing their research. And with compelling and relevant content throughout each stage of your sales pipeline, supported by a highly capable marketing automation platform, your leads and prospects can move quickly toward becoming future customers—helping propel your business forward.

  • The human brand
    Generating leads is only half the equation. The balance is in building the relationship and closing the sale. This is where it gets personal and real. Your sales people are an extension of your brand, and their attitude and commitment speak louder than words. Are they getting it right? If your organization has changed lately, through acquisition or because of economic conditions, or customer loyalty has declined or stagnated, it may be time to examine your organization’s internal environment. indigoOne can help you understand and strengthen your organizational effectiveness (OE) and the human side of your brand.

If you need to get a specific project—or several—out the door, we’re on it. When you want to take a longer view to help steer future campaigns, we have a process that works especially well. Regardless of how you choose to engage us, we’ll help you get closer to your customers. Start the conversation.

Your conferences and trade shows are canceled — now what?

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How to handle event cancellations: A practical guide for B2B marketers.

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Client reported results:

With a $50,000 investment in creative (including the media buy) the opportunity ROI for sales of this product was in excess of  $1,200,000

(That’s a 24:1 ROI within the first 4 weeks of launch)

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