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How a re-brand focused a family of fractured products and added value to the brand.

The Re-brand Challenge

How do you re-launch the brand after the merger of two legacy companies, a few years of limited marketing support, a subsequent change in ownership and new changes in leadership?

Our Solution

With a disjointed history, customers referred to their products (each with different names and identities) as if the product was the brand. 

Consolidating these individual products under a refocused comprehensive suite and roadmap was the right place to start — And that provided the opportunity to bring all of the solutions under one new core brand/identity.

After a new brand identity was approved, the next steps included a complete redesign of the website (developed by the client’s internal group). This new brand look & feel was extended to include all marketing assets — both offline, print and digital.

With customer-facing marketing material now under a single brand identity, a launch ad campaign was developed as part of a sustained advertising effort and placed in all leading industry publications.

In just 3 years following the creation of this new brand, independent, blind research, identified unaided brand awareness at 46% amongst the client’s target group. More importantly today, the brand can now arguably claim to be the market leader in their space

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