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One Big Re-brand: MatrixCare

The Re-brand Challenge

Due to restructuring, our client wanted to consolidate several disparate products, each with different names and identities, under one core brand— This re-brand project was complicated by conflicting requirements and very different market segment needs.

Our Solution

For the first time in several years, our client was able to go to market with a cohesive brand that provided singular clarity in an ever changing, regulated industry. The new identity—colors, voice and attitude—was extended to all marketing materials from collateral to re-launch advertising and trade show graphics, helping shape thought leadership and even influence the design of their new office space. Now, the entire company lives and breathes the new brand.

In just 3 short years following the launch of the re-brand, independent, blind research, identified market share awareness of 46% and climbing amongst the client’s target group.

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