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Getting In Sync: Marriott Vacation Club

The Challenge

Individual resort properties were creating their own marketing promotions and advertising, resulting in inconsistent brand messaging across the organization. The challenge was to bring brand and message consistency to all property communications while promoting each property’s unique offerings. We took it upon ourselves to also create a better approach to targeting more qualified prospective owners—in ways that are both timely and personally relevant to each recipient.

Our Solution

We proposed starting with a broad consumer magazine and online ad campaign to generate awareness and demand.  Then using fresh new prospect data, create relevant direct mail as event-triggered fulfillment. Our approach would have increased qualified leads, dramatically reduced waste, ensured brand continuity, and helped build the client’s brand and reputation. The result should have led to: reduced CPI, higher close rates and happy clients. Unfortunately, the strategy and creative approach was shelved due to more pressing client needs.

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