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Direct marketing is very much alive and well.

Direct marketing (or direct mail) has always been an extremely viable and cost-effective way to reach and engage with prospects and customers. As a medium, it’s tangible and intrusive, coming directly to the recipient and seeking interaction. Unlike the quickly disposed of social post, or filtered-and-sent-to-your-spam-folder email, direct mail creates a touch point with greater potential staying power.

Direct to your target

Here are some quick facts about direct marketing:

  • Direct mail volume increased 6.2% in 2015.
  • The financial and insurance sectors make up almost 75% of all direct mail.
  • Two thirds of all direct mail includes a website and/or 800 number as a call to action.
  • 30% of mail is sent to customers or prospects aged 31 to 55 years old.
    Source: Mintel

Through segmentation and customer insight, direct mail messages can resonate in a big way with new prospects—creating demand, increasing inquiries and accelerating the sales process and ultimately generating greater sales. And with very little competition in the mailbox, it’s easy to see why.

A proven track record

Direct mail has a solid history of working very well as a stand-alone marketing tactic—for example, as fulfillment to a TV spot, lead generation for a tradeshow booth or for brand and product awareness. More than ever, it’s an important component of a multi-tactic approach within a larger campaign or marketing strategy. Effective marketing applies a variety of tactics that individually and collectively create inquiries, build credibility and awareness, drive sales, and establish brand advocates—driving word of mouth and peer sales long after the campaign is over.

At indigoOne, we’ve created both B2B and B2C direct mail campaigns that have returned some amazing results—not just in terms of measurable ROI, but also accelerating the sales cycle and boosting overall engagement and brand awareness. Check out our infographic and let us show you just how powerful direct mail can be as part of your marketing mix.

Check out our infographic on the current state of DM, then let us show you how smart direct marketing can deliver leads and sales for your organization.