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When it comes to marketing…

Investment experts say it often: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

This principle also holds true in marketingdiversify your communication tactics or risk losing it all. In today’s splintered and fractured marketplace, one approach is simply not enough.

Trends1 for 2012 indicated businesses would focus on online and digital, reconfiguring their budgets and investing more in these areas. The fastest growing niche was (no surprise) social media. According to Brafton News2, 79 percent of companies planned to increase their social media spending.

Maintain your marketing reach in a fractured landscape

The rise of new media doesn’t mean it should replace traditional tactics. Quite the contrary. Social media is just another way to connect with your audience. The key is to diversify your tactics, connecting with your customers at multiple touch points, in order to thrive. Many corporations are taking this approach and having success.

IKEA3 is finding ways to strengthen relationships and expand opportunities to communicate their message. The company takes full advantage of traditional channels with its print catalog and TV, radio and print ads. But they also consciously communicate with customers through non-traditional digital and social media initiatives such as helpful “how to” YouTube videos and Facebook activities that drive traffic to IKEA stores. Each customer touch point addresses a slightly different need; collectively, they build on one another and help elevate the brand.

If you’re not doing it now, expand the reach of your message with multi-channel initiatives. For example, if you choose email as your primary tactic, you can supplement with social media, a loyalty program, direct mail, SEO, etc.  Incorporate your current message into these tools in a way that is relevant to the vehicle and objective, measure and test to determine what’s working, then adjust if necessary. Depending on your audience, you should have many communication options!

With an effective, integrated marketing plan that includes research, strategy, creative copy and design, your go-to-market strategy can deliver an enviable ROI.

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