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Does ‘junk mail’ still work?

“Junk Mail’ or DM blast mailed never worked. Period. By it’s definition it’s junk because it was mass mailed or poorly targeted and isn’t relevant to the recipient. If you’re selling snowmaking equipment to Eskimos, you’ve mis-identified your target group… or bought a very bad mailing list. Ski resorts are much more likely to be in the market for your product and to them, your mailing would be relevant and definitely wouldn’t be considered ‘junk’.

Assume for a moment you just purchased a new car. Any marketing you receive from the manufacturer or the dealership would be very relevant (so long as it pertains to your new car) and would never be considered “junk”. Additionally, you get that warm fuzzy feeling that they value you and that you’re part of the brand. However, if the dealership continues to bombard you with communications that try to sell you something you already purchased with no additional value, then they’re just wasting their money and damaging the favorable brand impression of the manufacturer that you have.

DM can play a big part in driving sales

Having a well thought-out and comprehensive DM tactical plan, including event-triggered marketing, can improve your brand reputation and improve cross-sell/up-sell and future purchase opportunities—all with limited down-side risk. Want to know more about creating an event-triggered or life-cycle marketing strategy?

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