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Gaining market share — through the clutter and noise

It’s crowded out there. Imagine for a moment that you’re at a sporting event. Your team is about to score and everyone is standing, excited and shouting for what’s about to happen. You can hear everyone but no one is listening. There’s too much noise. Too much clutter. You tune out. Our job is to help you be the one whose message is heard by those you want to engage and connect with. That’s how you gain market share, sell your product or services and ensure you come out the winner among your competitors.

Just because everyone around you is moving in one direction doesn’t mean you should follow them. Reach your customers and prospects where they are and how they want to be reached. Do something different and contra to your competitors. In short, mix it up.

It used to be that a TV campaign in conjunction with promotion activities was highly effective. Today that’s not necessarily true. Whoever your target customer is, as a group they’re fragmented. There are so many different ways your customers interact and get their information that you can’t afford to put all your efforts into one or two tactics. Thanks to our direct marketing background, indigoOne understands the value of testing. We grew up with test, test and test again, all with the goal of maximizing return for minimal cost per lead. Test the channels and tactics you’re using and spread the risk. Then cut back on the least-performing tactics and reallocate your marketing dollars to the tactics that drive results and increase revenue.

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