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Why is it so hard to play well together?

It’s not marketing or sales. It’s marketing and sales.

Whether supported by in-house or external agencies, Marketing can’t and doesn’t operate in isolation.

The Marketing function supports your business – it fuels Sales by providing qualified leads. Those leads are nurtured until they become customers and generate revenue. That revenue pays everyone’s salary, funds R&D, and is reinvested into the company. Marketing is at the center of everything you do. In fact, Marketing is the glue that holds your company together — but it can’t do it alone —your Marketing and Sales teams have to be in alignment.

Just as different departments have to work well together, so do your different marketing tactics and campaigns. And this is where things get tricky for many brands.

I fully understand the need for your core marketing activity to be executed in-house.

Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are in-house. Marketing’s support for Sales should be in-house. Your blog, social, and web updates should be in-house. Data analytics and other marketing needs (due to confidentiality and security concerns) are often better if they’re taken care of in-house. But not everything should be done in-house.

Working with an experienced agency provides several benefits you won’t get from an in-house team.

We’re outside of your bubble.

It’s easy to follow what everyone else in your industry is doing when that’s your only world and what you’re exposed to. Being outside allows us to be impartial and independent — so we can bring fresh ideas and a different perspective to the table, along with the customer’s perspective.

Broader experience.

Benefit from what we know has worked well in other industries and sectors — that can accelerate your learning and maximize your opportunity.

Expanded capabilities and resources.

We have an extremely deep bench and experience from a wide variety of agencies and clients. Why not use that to your advantage?

Bandwith and capacity

We keep our agency purposefully small but full of experience. As needed we can expand or contract teams and skill-set based on your needs. Much like you use a printer only when you need something printed — it’s the same for other marketing needs. Building a new website? You’ll only need the development team for a month or two, not all year long. If you’re seeing your web traffic decline, it may be time for a strategy or SEO review. But only if you need it.

The marketing map is complex with tactics ranging from Events to PR. SEO to Video. And everything in between. It literally is all over the map. And what often happens is brand marketers have either inherited or they have selected an external ‘specialist’ company to help them with a particular need — An agency to help with digital, an agency for SEO, an agency for content, a video agency… the list goes on.

The problem (apart from spending too much of your time wrangling each resource and attempting to maintain brand and message continuity) is that their interests aren’t aligned with yours. The SEO agency will be looking for how they can retain or grow your business. The same for the digital agency, and so on. They each want more of your budget and they’ll each tell you why you need to do more of whatever they do at the expense of your other vendors (their competitors).

It’s time you got more.

We’re different in many ways. Firstly, we partner with our clients for the long-term. We want you to succeed and grow. And your interests, are ours.

Additionally, you’ll get your time back. As we work together we’ll know what your goals are and we know what we’re doing and where it fits into the overall plan — so you don’t feel you’re living through Groundhog Day having the same conversations with multiple vendors over and over again.

By working with a full-service agency like ours, campaign continuity is much stronger and development of the different creative elements and channel deliverables is faster. Additionally, your direction and revisions are global. With one call, if we need to make a change or update over here… we can make the same change elsewhere as needed.

The best part is there’s brand and campaign continuity for your customer. The print ad they saw yesterday, is the same as the digital ad they keep seeing online — which aligns with the content they just downloaded — and if Direct Mail is part of the campaign, it’ll have much more impact and recognition when it arrives in their hands.

For you, it means significant cost efficiencies and time savings as the same resources and assets are shared across the different deliverables. No reinventing the wheel. No new image searches. No delays in sharing of files. So you get faster turnaround and more out of your budget.

If you’d like to discuss your marketing goals and how we may be able to help you grow your marketshare and brand value — while getting more out of your budget — give us a call or drop us an email — we’d love to show you what we can do.


Build your brand with those that matter.

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