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Why the clients and brands we’ve lost, is a measure of our success.

Most client-agency relationships last just 3 years. It actually has a name and is called The 3-year itch. One of the primary reasons why these working relationships break down is because the client has staffing changes. It turns out CMOs don’t last very long, often leading to a ‘change of direction’ and a change of agencies.

Our reason for losing clients is different—we’re not thrilled when an acquisition happens, but it’s something we’re unusually proud of.

Since starting our agency 17 years ago we’ve worked with our clients through many changes.

In the case of a technology client, we worked with them for close to 9 years creating multiple omni-channel marketing campaigns for several different market verticals—both here in the U.S. and overseas. We were there with them when they went public. When they lost their Group Marketing Manager we were asked to step in—making sure all of their projects for their key markets (regardless of marketing channel) met their due dates. And we were there creating and executing new campaigns when they acquired a European company. 

Following a minor restructuring and new identity, we helped them introduce their new brand to the North American Market. Over the years we helped transition and update product and marketing material from companies they acquired into their brand voice—ensuring a quick transition to one single company and strengthening their brand. And we were there when they lost their first SVP of Marketing. And when they lost their second. We also kept their marketing moving through a dramatic change and transition, when they themselves were acquired.

This story isn’t unique. It’s who we are. We’re in it with you for the long-term.

We want to help you grow and add value to your company and brand. And that’s where we may have done our job just a little too well.

  • The global technology client I just mentioned was acquired for $2 Billion.

  • A former client in the Healthcare space was acquired for over $30 Million.

  • A client in an obscure B2B-2C niche market sold for just over $6 Million.

  • And a client with a relatively new brand was acquired for over $700 Million.

In addition to other business activities, increasing brand awareness and growing your marketshare (and revenue) is the best way to add long-term value to any brand. Adding new customers is essential, but so is retaining the customers you already have. That’s why our lead generation, nurturing, and retention work focuses on building your brand with those who matter. Your market. Your most likely customers. Through the marketing channels that drive results.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is (36 people or a combined staff of 5,000 plus), if your plans include company growth, a bigger marketshare, repeat customers, and higher company valuations, we’d love to work with you and help you achieve it. 

Our goal for this year is to share our experience and help more brands grow their revenue. To learn more about what we can do for you, send us an email or schedule a call and let’s start with a 15-minute chat.

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