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Not all product launches go to plan

Improving Results. A Case Study:
A Product Launch That Didn’t Go Exactly To Plan

The Client:
A well-respected insurance company in the United Kingdom offering a new individual personal healthcare insurance product.

The Opportunity:
While there were obvious customer benefits to this new health insurance option, there was still one unanswered question: would our target market of individuals, couples and families pay MORE for coverage that they already had through the “free” UK National Health Service?

The Assignment:
Create nationwide awareness and educate the public on the benefits of this new product and category, generating leads and inquiries.

The Campaign:

  • Create and develop a cohesive cross channel advertising and marketing campaign.
  • Kick off the campaign with TV, radio and fractional national newspaper ads, as well as informational collateral and in-store advertising at all branch locations supporting the effort.
  • Social and online (including retargeting) was held back pending analysis of the initial mass-media activity.
  • Push fulfillment and enrollment to the client’s multiple in-bound call centers.

The Results:
In a word: phenomenal! The campaign broke simultaneously on TV and in all national tabloids and broadsheets throughout the UK.

Response was immediate and our question “Would anyone pay for this?” was answered loud and clear. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that the client had to pull the campaign after only two weeks!

The ROI:
While actual numbers were not disclosed, the impact and consumer demand was obvious. Now, that’s what we call a result!

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*Results are not typical and can never be guaranteed due to a variety of external factors.