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How hard-working assets turned a liability into a revenue generator 
Improving Results. A Case Study:
Speaking your Customers’ Language

The Client:
An established global company offering enterprise software solutions to the heavy equipment rental sector. The last thing these folks need is big, heavy, bright yellow equipment sitting idle, waiting to be leased, waiting for service, or worse still, breaking down on-site and impacting the clients’ ability to carry out their job.

The Opportunity:
Our client already had a proven solution in use by four of the top six global suppliers in the heavy equipment rental industry and was looking to expand further into this sector.

Knowing the exact status of managing, maintaining and leasing out heavy equipment is a challenge for many rental companies. The success of their rental business lies in their ability to give their customers what they want, when they want it. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The Assignment:
Expand our client’s reach and market-share. Improve overall lead generation and provide qualified sales leads from a targeted list of prospects in North America, before rolling the campaign out across other regions, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

The Campaign:

  • The creative took the approach that equipment was really no different than employees. And that it was time to “get back to work.”
  • Given the industry being targeted, it made sense to kick-off the campaign with a big, bold direct mail piece that would get noticed and resonate with the target audience. In short: get their attention and generate sales leads, by speaking their language.
  • The direct mail drove interested parties to an online landing page where multiple creative and content assets were available for review and download. Most assets were available to everyone, with only one or two requiring a minimal contact form before they could be viewed.
  • Follow-up email was created for non-responders with direct links to the assets.
  • All sales leads were captured and passed on to sales for follow-up and entered into the sales cycle.

The Results:
We never received results of the MQLs or sales generated from the campaign, but creative files were requested for local market translation in both EMEA and APAC… a good sign that the campaign delivered results here, before rolling it out to other markets!

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