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Improving Results. A Case Study:
Driving Long-term Awareness with Message Clarity 

The Client:
This young but leading Middle East airline (with extensive global reach) was raising the bar and on the fast-track to growing their international network and capabilities in the global transportation and freight sector.

The Opportunity:
With a glowing reputation for service, on-time delivery and reliability, it was clear that this client had an easily leveraged USP. They also had one small restriction – the physical size of any cargo was limited to what would fit below the passenger deck of their aircraft.

The Assignment:
Develop a year-long campaign that would create awareness among freight forwarders in existing and expanding overseas markets that this airline should be a first choice to carry freight when it was needed fast.

The Campaign:

  • To establish awareness and top of mind recall, we developed and created several concepts that built on the previous concept/messaging and further told our story. Throughout the year, recipients would be reminded of the benefits of shipping their freight through our client’s extensive network.
  • To kick off the year-long effort, a series of wall posters – essentially outdoor billboard advertising on a more personal scale – were delivered every other week over a period of two months to freight forwarders within a certain radius of airports our client flew from.
  • Each poster included an image of a product that the airline either had or could carry, together with a snappy headline that related to speed of delivery or delivery deadline.
  • Creative included event-specific elements such as delivering tennis balls to Wimbledon, timed to arrive at the beginning of the tournament.
  • This campaign had obvious legs and could easily have been adapted and applied to a variety of online and social channels, as well as other offline deliverables.
  • In total, four campaigns were planned for the year.

The Results:
Given that the focus of the extended campaign was awareness, tracking inquiries, website visits and sales was not an immediate need of the client, as they were looking at effectiveness and sales on a broader basis and over a longer time-frame.

However, we had a lot of fun developing and creating campaigns that broke through the clutter and delivered or surpassed the client’s objectives – a big result in anyone’s book!

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*Results are not typical and can never be guaranteed due to a variety of external factors.