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Improving Results. A Case Study:
Reclaiming the Brand

The Client:
A medical device developer known primarily for a single product that helped surgery patients avoid hypothermia and its corresponding negative medical outcomes.

The Opportunity:
While their product had close to 75% market share in health systems and ERs, most buyers didn’t actually connect the product with the company – It had become it’s own brand. Cross-sell opportunities were becoming more difficult and plans for future product introductions meant it was time to lay the groundwork for a more cohesive brand identity.

The Assignment:
Reposition the company brand name and increase booth traffic at a trade show held in Miami – during the heat of summer!

The Campaign:

  • New brand identity guidelines gave a cohesive brand presence across all channels – from advertising and direct marketing programs to collateral, creating a roadmap for their tradeshow booth properties and other materials.
  • An initial print ad introduced the new brand, while simultaneously reinforcing our client’s primary USP, followed by an ad specifically for the annual show
  • Direct mail to pre-registered tradeshow attendees reinforced the client’s key messaging via a multi-panel brochure, letter and offer buckslip for a beverage can cooler which could be redeemed only at the booth and only during the show.

The Results:
Historically, the client’s tradeshow attendance had been approximately 7%.  As a result of their new activity, a more conceptual and creative approach to their advertising and direct marketing efforts, booth traffic for the Miami show was up over 380% — with 34% of the target list making it a point to visit the client during the show. The following year, attendance was at another 33% response rate.*

The ROI:
Ultimately, the program reinforced the client’s leadership position with purchase influencers and hospital procurement departments. Overall sales increased, and new product introductions had greater credibility and acceptance.

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 *Results are not typical and can never be guaranteed due to a variety of external factors.