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Beating the control (and our competitor) BIG time.
Improving Results. A Case Study:
Creating Leads and Closing Sales

The Client:
Already a household name, this large national insurance company had previously marketed a product for Roadside Assistance and were looking to see better results. We were approached by their consulting agency to develop the creative product for their next effort.

The Opportunity:
Beat the control package from previous tests in a live in-market test – as well as beat out a competing agency for the business.

The Assignment:
Develop a series of direct mail test packages for each of the identified list segments for a head-to-head creative and strategic challenge.

The Campaign:

  • An initial series of three direct mail packages – each with slightly different offers and response mechanisms.
  • Each mailing package could include an outer envelope, letter, brochure, buckslip and response device – mail, phone, or both. Online wasn’t an option.

The Results:
Once all the numbers were in, it was clear that one of the concepts we developed had outperformed its next closest competitor by 13% on sales alone – easily shutting out our head-to-head agency competitor for the initial test.  The client quickly turned their attention to retesting our two strongest concepts against two new versions of the now new control mailing, as well as two additional new concepts. This retest is ongoing.

That’s what we call a result!

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* Results are not typical and can never be guaranteed due to a variety of external factors.