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Improving Results. A Case Study:
Managing the Brand while Increasing Relevancy

The Client:
A major hospitality brand with multiple, unique North American and international properties.

The Opportunity:
Since each individual property was in charge of their own marketing activity, corporate was losing control of their overall brand identity and sales were inconsistent across locations.

The Assignment:
Develop a cohesive, branded direct marketing effort that each unique property could easily use for all customer-facing lead generation marketing.

The Campaign:
By looking at our client’s sales process, we were able to create a multi-tactic, customer-facing lead generation campaign that could shorten property sales cycles – and generate higher qualified leads.

  • A digital marketing template was created to work on a property-by-property basis, using variable print capabilities. Imagery, property-specific logos and offer copy could be changed as needed for a highly-relevant, targeted and timely event-triggered fulfillment piece that addressed the specific interests of the sales lead.
  • Multi-channel advertising via print, online and e-newsletter included a URL or a direct link to the client’s website. Once on the site, visitors could research various properties and amenities, download location specific assets, review recent social media posts relating to that location and register for additional information.
  • A highly-relevant fulfillment piece would arrive in the mail approximately 10 days after the prospect completed the website inquiry form, populated with data collected from their website visit. Imagery reflected their interests and family profile, as well as an offer to visit a property location appropriate to their vacation requirements.
  • Additional follow-up was developed for those who visited a property, as well as non-responders.

The Results:
While the client loved our marketing recommendations and creative approach, a more pressing data need surfaced which was assigned to the agency and the launch of this campaign was put on hold. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. However, we’re confident that this strategy and multi-channel approach would be just as effective today as it was when we proposed it!

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